Fundraising School

Fundraising School

Fundraising Mastery for early-stage founders - supercharge your game!

Applications are now closed.

👋 Hey there, founder!

Tired of the constant stress and uncertainty that comes with fundraising? We feel you - we’ve been there too, and we want to pour the collective wisdom of community so that it’s just that little less stressful for you.

We’re thrilled to launch Fundraising School, an actionable & comprehensive 4-module bootcamp that is rooted in the experience of 150+ successful startup founders & operators and covers all your early-stage fundraising needs. The course culminates in curated, individual speed-dating sessions with top-tier angel investors & VCs, setting you up for success in the Q4 2023 fundraising game.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • built a solid fundraising strategy,
  • crafted intro emails (and actually connected with seasoned investors some of whom may write the next check for you),
  • polished your elevator pitch and
  • refined your term sheet, all to get Q4 2023 fundraising nailed.

In other words, you will have equipped yourself with the essentials to know about raising capital and networked with our community to get personal & actionable feedback. We genuinely want to make the process as painless as possible, so you can focus on building your startup.

This program is possible thanks to a partnership with Investment & Development Agency of Latvia.


👨‍💻 Who is this designed for?

We strive to accept as many applications as possible but want to make sure that the cohort is similar in terms of business maturity and fundraising outlook. In line with our own focus, we will prioritize applications from Latvia and other CEE countries. This bootcamp will be perfect for you if you:

  • Are a founder at an early stage tech startup (an incorporated entity)
  • Are building (or have built) an MVP with traction from first users / clients
  • Have a pitch deck (at least the first version)
  • Are preparing to fundraise for your first round in Q4 2023 or Q1 2024
  • Are ready to commit around 25 hours across September-October to the School
We’re serious about the work we put in and want you to do the same, so we’ll ask all participants to commit a €100 deposit we’ll return to you if you show up - this means: - Completing 100% homework (4/4 assignments) - 100% attendance in peer workshops (4/4 workshops) - 60% attendance in webinars & firesides (6/10 sessions), and - Pitching in the investor speed-dating session.

🎯 Course Highlights

  • Actionable, practical curriculum that covers the mechanics of fundraising A to Z
  • Strategies to win over investors and secure that 💰
  • Step-by-step guidance on crafting powerful pitch decks
  • Customizable course materials and templates to save you time and energy
  • Fireside chats with successful founders and investors to get real-life insights from their fundraising experience
  • A community of fellow founders to learn from and support each other
  • Practical homework to put those learnings to practice
  • Interactive peer mentoring sessions to address burning questions
  • Individual, curated speed-dating sessions with pre-selected investors

📚 Course Modules

TitleModuleDateSession typeDescription
1. Understanding the Fundraising Landscape and Material Preparation
September 12, 2023
- Course introduction and expectations (of the course and of students) - Overview of the fundraising landscape - Understanding different types of investors
1. Understanding the Fundraising Landscape and Material Preparation
September 14, 2023
- Fundraising reality in 2023 - How much to raise? - The stages of fundraising & supporting documents + Homework
1. Understanding the Fundraising Landscape and Material Preparation
September 19, 2023
Fireside & AMA
Moderated by Diana, a panel with founders: - Toms Niparts, CEO at Jeff App - Alyona Mysko, CEO at Fuel Finance - Alex Serdiuk, CEO at Respeecher Will cover: - Deep dive into fundraising process and what to prepare for - Learning to craft a compelling story - Calibrating timeline expectations - Reflect on mistakes made and what would you do differently
1. Understanding the Fundraising Landscape and Material Preparation
September 21, 2023
Peer mentoring & workshop
Peer mentoring session about fundraising goals and runway assumptions.
2. Fundraising Go-to-Market Strategy
September 26, 2023
- Identifying and reaching out to potential investors - Positioning your startup for fundraising
2. Fundraising Go-to-Market Strategy
September 28, 2023
- Crafting your unique selling proposition (USP) - Aligning your message with investor interests - Homework: Craft your USP and prepare a brief elevator pitch for potential investors, including those sourced from Block 1. + Homework
2. Fundraising Go-to-Market Strategy
October 3, 2023
Fireside & AMA
- Dive deep into Silicon Valley investment trends - Learn invaluable insights from a seasoned investor - Explore the nuances of tech startup success
2. Fundraising Go-to-Market Strategy
October 5, 2023
Peer mentoring & workshop
Role-play session simulating investor meetings + Homework
3. Crafting the Pitch Deck and Delivering the Pitch
October 10, 2023
- Components of a successful pitch deck - How to tell a compelling story + Homework
3. Crafting the Pitch Deck and Delivering the Pitch
October 12, 2023
- Prepare effectively for pitch meetings - Convey key points persuasively, handle tough questions - Follow-up strategically to secure funding
3. Crafting the Pitch Deck and Delivering the Pitch
October 17, 2023
Fireside & AMA
Panel of 3 Founders to share their stories and experiences
3. Crafting the Pitch Deck and Delivering the Pitch
October 19, 2023
Peer mentoring & workshop
Practice pitch delivery in front of peers + Homework
4. Aspirational/Closing
October 24, 2023
- Understanding investor negotiations and expectations - Best practices for evaluating investment offer - How to close investment deals - Maintaining investor relationships and planning for growth post-fundraising
4. Aspirational/Closing
October 26, 2023
Peer mentoring & workshop
Full simulation of an investor meeting, from pitch to negotiation + Homework
Investor speed-dating
November 3, 2023
Investor speed-dating
Speed dating with select investors (online)

🤓 Expected commitment & what’s in it for you

  • Two 1h instruction webinars + 30min fireside chats with successful founders across a two-week cycle
  • 1h peer workshop & homework teardowns in each two-week cycle
  • One-off curated matchmaking session with select investors (1h)
  • Optional: ~1h additional reading time per module
  • Total: 16h online sessions + ~4h homework + 1h matchmaking + ~1h reading time = ~25h in total

🎤 Meet the Instructors

Meet the instructors

🙌 Testimonial

We think we know a thing or two about fundraising, but don’t take our word for it- have a listen why Martins Lasmanis, co-founder of Supliful, who’s raised $1.6M, recommends for startups. Or, if you just want the lowdown, here’s what he says: ”What I like most about is how it’s supported by entrepreneurs and operators - people who can advise you, give you intros or help you grow your business, so I really recommend for anyone who’s looking for investors as good partners.”

🤝 About is an early-stage angel syndicate, providing €50K-€200K funding for CEE startups, led by helpful founders and operators who've built companies like Vimeo ($450M funding), Printify ($54M), Pandadoc ($51M), Pipedrive ($90M), Bolt ($1.3B funding), Apollo ($151M), Bird ($783M funding), Shopify ($122M), Whimsical ($30M), Lokalise ($56M), Deel ($679M), Printful ($130M), Twilio ($614M), Veriff ($192.3M), Wise ($1.3B raised), Interactio ($30M raised), Vinted ($562.3M), NordVPN ($100M), Hubspot ($100.5M).

🤝 About LIAA

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) works to increase export and competitiveness of Latvian companies, facilitate foreign investment and implement tourism development and innovation policies. Among its strategic priorities are supporting innovative ideas, turning them into products and businesses, as well as attracting foreign investment to help companies grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for anyone at the early stages of building a startup, validating their product and preparing to fundraise for their first round. You need to be an incorporated entity to apply. We will strive to accept as many applications as possible and will prioritize applications from Latvia and other CEE countries.

Q2: How long does the course take to complete?

In total, you should expect to invest around 25h over the course of the entire programme.

Q3: Are there any prerequisites for the course?

There are no formal prerequisites for this course, but it will be most beneficial for founders who are in the early stages of their startup journey, have incorporated their company, have built an MVP (with early traction from first users/customers), already have a first version of the pitch deck and are looking to fundraise in Q4 2023.

Q4: How is the course delivered?

The course mixes online instruction with self-paced learning. We want to make sure that the sessions are impactful and rooted in practical takeaways, so we’ll combine webinar-style delivery, fireside chats and AMAs with those who’ve “made it”, as well as homework that we’ll supercharge through peer support. We believe that the combination of various learning approaches will maximize learning and investment outcomes.

Q5: What kind of support can I expect during the course?

You will access to peer community, and our team will be available to answer any questions and provide guidance throughout the course. We will also help you stay accountable for your weekly progress.

Q6: Can I access the course materials after completion?

Yes, you will have continued access to the course materials for the following year (including session recordings), so you can revisit the content whenever you need a refresher.

Q7: How much does the course cost?

This program is powered by LIAA, which helps us offset the costs. As an incentive to complete the program in full, we are asking for a EUR 100 upfront deposit that we’ll return to all participants who’ve completed the program.

Q8: How can I enroll in the course?

Sorry - applications are now closed!

Q9: This sounds too good to be true. Where’s the catch?

There really isn’t one - the course is free as long as you complete it in full. We’re not doing this to make money, but instead uncover and support future investment opportunities as well as strengthen the CEE ecosystem more widely (which will also help us uncover more investment opportunities down the line). Call it a win-win!

Q10: What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us at