Info for founders

Info for founders

Investing €50-€150K tickets in early-stage startups in CEE.

Standard investment docs. No strings attached.

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Run and backed by helpful founders and operators

The syndicate is ran and backed mostly by founders and operators, who’ve gone through top accelerators like Y-Combinator and 500Startups, built startups from inception to exit, including unicorns and centaurs, and others who’ve scaled from $0 to $50M+ ARR.

Startups flock to us because they want to work with people they admire.

As investors, we can be best when we are out of the way, but helpful when needed. We are biased towards speed and outcomes, and leverage our community to help our portfolio grow. Don’t take our word for it, though:

We can feel the momentum behind - they closed our ticket in less than a day! The network has been invaluable, directly aiding our growth.

Heikki Kaldre, CEO & co-founder at Miros

I wanted exposure to these experienced individuals through

Alex Serdiuk, CEO & co-founder at Respeecher

A strong roster of unicorn builder investors that accelerates our scaling journey.

Markus Prommik, CEO & co-founder at Finfra

This is impressive! Absolutely the fastest turnaround we’ve had for an answer from a VC.

Paul Vezelis, CEO & co-founder at Traxlo

Our portfolioOur portfolio

We go beyond writing the check

We know, every investor and VC says they will be helpful. Our approach is two-fold: (1) be transparent up front about what kind of help we can deliver, and (2) rethink how we create structure and incentivize our member founders & operators to invest their time in your startup not just for a virtual coffee, but on consistent and regular basis.

It's so much harder for investors to support companies when they haven't had the lived experience as an operator.

Alexis Ohanian, @ Reddit

Get to product/market fit faster

Fundraise better

Our focus and investment thesis


Ticket size



We’re startup builders by day, and angel investors by night

See a few of our 150+ members featured below. You can see their experience → here.

Our process is no frills

We value your time as much as we value ours. When you’re ready to raise funds, that’s the perfect time to reach out. Our process is designed to be swift and efficient, often reaching an initial decision within a single deepdive meeting in the same week. We’ve stripped away the layers of bureaucracy to ensure that your entrepreneurial journey isn’t bogged down by endless meetings.


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