Introducing the Referral Program
Introducing the Referral Program

Introducing the Referral Program

Refer Game-Changing Startups & Members, and Share the Upside!

Refer a Deal: Earn 5% of carry

Get it on the action by referring exceptional startups. Help us empower the next generation of CEE innovators.

Get 5% of our carry on a referred deal if:

  • You're the first person to refer the company
  • The company isn't already in our funnel
  • We aren't already in contact with the company
  • We invest in the company


  1. invests €150K in a startup you referred
  2. 5 years later, the startup is sold for 10x higher valuation
  3. share is worth €1.5M - Profit = €1.35M (€1.5M - €150K)
  4. 20% of profit = €270K - this is the 100% carry pool
  5. Your reward: 5% * €270K = €13,500

Refer a Member: Earn 2% of carry on your next investment

Expand our investor network by introducing high-caliber individuals who share our vision to support groundbreaking startups.

Get 2% of our carry on the next deal you invest in as soon as the referred member makes an investment.


  1. You refer a new member to
  2. The member invests in a deal
  3. To use the example on the right, carry pool is €270K
  4. Your reward: 2% * €270K = €5,400 per referred member

Ready to Make Things Happen?

Fill out the form below and help us uncover the next incredible startup or valued member!


Who is eligible to participate in the referral program?

Anyone who is part of the community can participate in the referral program, provided they adhere to our terms and conditions.

How do I refer a deal or a member?

Simply fill out the referral form above, providing your name, email, and contact details for the referred company or member. We'll likely ask for an intro and then take it from there!

When do I receive my carry reward for successful referrals?

You will receive your carry reward when the investment in the referred deal generates a return, for example through an exit or another liquidity event.

Are there any limits on how many deals or members I can refer?

No, there are no limits. You can refer as many deals and members as you'd like.

What if someone else has already referred the same deal or member?

The referral rewards will go to the first person who referred the deal or member, provided that other referral conditions are met.

What happens if the referred company is already in the funnel or we're already in contact with them?

In this case, the referral will not be considered eligible for rewards. We encourage you to refer other companies or members that we might not yet be aware of.

How do I know if my referral has been successful?

We will keep you informed about the status of your referrals via email. If a referral results in an investment, we will reach out to inform you about the successful referral and any carry rewards earned.

I have another question

Feel free to reach out via email, and lets discuss.