Want to co-invest?

Want to co-invest?

We make angel investing easy for you. Start with $1K per deal.

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Our invite-only members get access to our superb quality dealflow and invest alongside other accomplished founders and operators.

  1. For founders and operators
  2. We are a welcoming, friendly community of highly driven and accomplished founders and operators, who love helping other world-class startups succeed not just with investment but hands-on help. By investing + advising you earn more upside. Request to join.

  3. COMING SOON: For the busy angel investor
  4. You can make angel investing time-efficient if you invest alongside us. Our founders interview and vet each potential startup, and we produce a comprehensive memo, so you can save time on evaluation. Join waitlist.

  5. COMING SOON: For new angel investors
  6. Regardless from what walks of life (lawyer, executive, tech folks, other traditional industry professional) you are, you are welcome to learn angel investing by seeing our process up close and investing alongside accomplished founders on deal by deal basis. Join waitlist.


As a community we can source a much bigger and much higher quality dealflow than alone. Besides that we also source dealflow from business angel networks, other angels, VCs, service providers, inbound.

Investment strategy

Target check size

First check - €50K-€150K, but to maximize return, we like to double down on the best performing startups by investing in follow on rounds 5-10X the initial investment.


We are starting with 1 investment per month, however we will scale this up over time.


Pre-seed (MVP live and some market traction) ————————— Series A ($40k+ MRR)


Our focus is on founders living or having roots in CEE.


Our focus is where we are most passionate and can contribute most. Collectively we have most experience in B2B SaaS and marketplace, so that’s what we gravitate more towards.

FAQ for investors

Why a syndicate?
If I invest will my name be on the startup’s cap table?
Is there a fee?
What is the minimum amount I can invest?
Is it mandatory to invest in follow on rounds - pro rata?
What is carry?
How many deals should I expect to receive from the syndicate per month?
Which countries of residence do you support for participating in the syndicate?
What is the time commitment?
Who is it for?
Can I help the founders I invest in?
Can I participate even if I have a full-time job?
I have more questions

Why founders choose us

Most of the syndicate members are founders and startup operators themselves.

It's so much harder for investors to support companies when they haven't had the lived experience as an operator.

-Alexis Ohanian, @ Reddit

Besides giving relevant feedback, advice and help with finding product/market fit and fundraising, founders also love us as we don’t shy away being the first check in the round.

Run and backed by world-class founders and operators

Join our community if you fall under any of the three categories above. We’ve created this angel syndicate to pool together the sharpest founders and operators, as well as seasoned angel investors, and be able to do much better angel investing together than ever could do alone.

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