Want to co-invest?

Want to co-invest?

We make angel investing easy for you. Start with $1K per deal.

Our invite-only members get access to our superb quality dealflow and invest alongside other accomplished founders and operators.

  1. For founders and operators
  2. We are a welcoming, friendly community of highly driven and accomplished founders and operators, who love helping other world-class startups succeed not just with investment but hands-on help. By investing + advising you earn more upside. Request to join.

  3. COMING SOON: For the busy angel investor
  4. You can make angel investing time-efficient if you invest alongside us. Our founders interview and vet each potential startup, and we produce a comprehensive memo, so you can save time on evaluation. Join waitlist.

  5. COMING SOON: For new angel investors
  6. Regardless from what walks of life (lawyer, executive, tech folks, other traditional industry professional) you are, you are welcome to learn angel investing by seeing our process up close and investing alongside accomplished founders on deal by deal basis. Join waitlist.


As a community we can source a much bigger and much higher quality dealflow than alone. Besides that we also source dealflow from business angel networks, other angels, VCs, service providers, inbound.

Investment strategy

Target check size

First check - €50K-€150K, but to maximize return, we like to double down on the best performing startups by investing in follow on rounds 5-10X the initial investment.


We are starting with 1 investment per month, however we will scale this up over time.


Pre-seed (MVP live and some market traction) ————————— Series A ($40k+ MRR)


Our focus is on founders living or having roots in CEE.


Our focus is where we are most passionate and can contribute most. Collectively we have most experience in B2B SaaS and marketplace, so that’s what we gravitate more towards.

FAQ for investors

Why a syndicate?

Deal flow and convenience. The syndicate team takes care of finding startups, negotiating deal terms, performing due diligence, writing a deal memo, hosting a webinar, and advising the SPV.

Also, you can decide to invest on a deal by deal basis.

If I invest will my name be on the startup’s cap table?

No. As a syndicate member you are investing in the startup together with other syndicate members through a special purpose vehicle. The SPV then invests in the company on behalf of its members.

Is there a fee?

There is no membership fee to be part of the syndicate, but if you choose to invest in a deal, we do ask to cover the costs of due diligence, management of the SPV, accounting, reporting, legal and admin, typically 5-8% admin fee per deal spread among all investors proportionally to check size.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

We want to make the syndicate accessible to all kinds of investors. Therefore, the minimum investment amount is €1K per deal. However, the typical investment amount by our members is €5K-15K.

Is it mandatory to invest in follow on rounds - pro rata?

Our goal is to follow the progress of our portfolio startups and invest in the next rounds in those that perform best. We will always offer to invest pro-rata (to maintain your % holding of the startup), but you are not obligated to participate.

What is carry?

“Carry” is short for carried interest which is a share of the profits from investment. Carry for the syndicate is 20%. Carry is paid to the lead members for doing evaluation workshops with startups, drafting the deal investment memo, negotiating deal terms, hosting a webinar, running a three month advisory program with the startup following the investment and performing due diligence.

How many deals should I expect to receive from the syndicate per month?

At this stage we have a dealflow of one selected startup deal per month, however the goal is to get to one deal per week.

Which countries of residence do you support for participating in the syndicate?

Any EU country, accredited US investors, and select countries outside EU. We might require you to provide some details necessary for KYC/AML purposes.

What is the time commitment?

If you are busy, you can keep your time commitment as low as 1h or less per month by limiting your involvement to reviewing the investment deal memos sent and decide to invest alongside other founders and operators who have already decided to invest.

If you’re interested to learn angel investing or would enjoy networking with other like minded angel investors, we think you'll be very happy by dedicating 1-2 hours a week. If you have more time, even better.

Who is it for?

The ideal member has already done a few angel deals, or has seriously considered starting angel investing, or has been active in angel investing but no longer has time capacity, however would be ready to invest 3+ deals over the next 12 months. If you are not planning to invest 3+ deals in the next 12 months, this syndicate isn’t for you.

We are inviting a diverse background of folks to this syndicate. Both founders and startup operators, as well as seasoned angel investors.

The goal is to create a positive community with good vibes and a fun environment where people can expand their network and learn.

Can I help the founders I invest in?

This is one of our main goals - to not just make angel investing more accessible for startup operators and founders, but also facilitate giving help beyond the money invested. There will be multiple ways to help, for example:

  1. following their monthly progress reports where founders will ask their investors what they need most help with.
  2. support the startup through the 3-month advisory program offered to each startup we invest, which is a way to earn additional equity, and also often a gateway to transition into a full fledged advisor role.
Can I participate even if I have a full-time job?

Of course. We have designed the syndicate workflow in a way that saves the time for it’s members when considering and evaluating deals, and when we have Zoom calls we will record them so you can watch them at your own time.

I have more questions

No problem, reach out to me raimonds.kulbergs@gmail.com

Why founders choose us

Most of the syndicate members are founders and startup operators themselves.

It's so much harder for investors to support companies when they haven't had the lived experience as an operator.

-Alexis Ohanian, @ Reddit

Besides giving relevant feedback, advice and help with finding product/market fit and fundraising, founders also love us as we don’t shy away being the first check in the round.

Run and backed by world-class founders and operators

Join our community if you fall under any of the three categories above. We’ve created this angel syndicate to pool together the sharpest founders and operators, as well as seasoned but angel investors, and be able to do much better angel investing together than ever could do alone.