Reflecting on Our Year: The Growth and Success of 🌟

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As we kick off 2024, I'm excited to share the journey of since our last update in March 2023. It's been an incredible ride filled with growth, learning, and community building.

Our Milestones:

  1. 🌍 Global Reach: Our community now includes over 200 unicorn builders from 20 countries, each bringing unique experiences and insights.
  2. 🤝 New Members: Excited to welcome expertise from Wix ($7.19 market cap), Oxylabs, Indeed, Kilo Health ($213M revenue), Box ($1.1B raised), and Slido (Cisco) join our ranks.
  3. 💸 Impactful Investments: We've invested €2.3M in 20 deals - staying true to our commitment to nurture early-stage CEE startups.
  4. 🌱 Beyond Capital: Our focus extends beyond funding - we're creating a platform of support, learning, and connection for our startups.
  5. 🔮 Future Vision: We're not stopping here! With the 200+ unicorn builder network we are able to spot incredible founder teams early. 2024 is all about refining our ability to pick winners, and further build out our tech products supporting our portfolio.

🤔 Why

  • We make investment decisions fast - often same day of a deep dive call with founders.
  • Our community-driven approach is our superpower, offering more than capital.
  • We are the kind of investors we wanted when we were building our startups.

💡 Your Thoughts? I have an ask - What challenges are you facing in your startup journey? What kind of support do you think can make a real difference? (this would be super helpful as we are building new tools to help early stage founders)