Early funding from helpful founders and operators

Early funding from helpful founders and operators

Angel investor syndicate investing €50-€150K tickets in post-MVP startups in CEE

"All unicorns seemed like bad ideas initially” -Paul Graham Most will tell you that your idea sucks. We know how it feels. We've been there. That’s why we created this angel investing syndicate - so we can invest in ideas that might seem bad to others, but we know could become the next unicorn. We are the kind of investors we wanted when we were fundraising. We are BADideas.fund.

For founders: pitch us

We are comfortable being the first money in the round. Here is how we help founders, what we look for when investing and how to apply:

Info for foundersInfo for founders

For investors: co-invest with founders

You can invest alongside accomplished founders, who’ve done the due diligence and will help the startup succeed. Start with €1K per deal.

Want to co-invest?Want to co-invest?

For anyone: scout with us

We appreciate and reward warm intros to founders you think are working on something great.

Learn how you can become a scout:

Recommend a startupRecommend a startup

What makes us special?

We are founders and operators ourselves. And we get a kick out of helping founders find their PMF faster, build scalable growth engine, and fundraise from the best investors.

Among members/investors - founders and operators, who’ve been building such companies as Wise ($1.3B raised), Veriff ($192.3M), Vimeo ($450M funding), Printify ($54M), Pandadoc ($51M), Pipedrive ($90M), Bolt ($1.3B funding), Apollo.io ($151M), Bird ($783M funding), Shopify ($122M), Whimsical ($30M), Lokalise ($56M), Deel ($679M), Printful ($130M), Twilio ($614M), Interactio ($30M).

Our portfolioOur portfolio


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